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Rococo Disney Princesses

Have you ever envisioned your favorite fairytale in a whole new setting? Or even let your imagination run wild with a stylistic twist-that may spark your fancy?
These ladies thrive in a different kind of Kingdom, where their attire is of a dream mixed with an historical interpretation of Rococo Royalty. A group of friends came together to incorporate their Favorite Disney Princess with a Rococo Twist! Marie Antoinette eat your heart out! 
The style of Rococo evokes a variety of  intricate attributions; women in the18th century were frequently depicted in works of art in a decorative manner, either in lavish gowns or feather headdresses
@tracihines @amberarden @glimmerwood @joannalynnbert were inspired by Historic paintings, that focus on the luxurious clothes and elaborate backgrounds of the Late Baroque Era! Especially with roses from @afloral! So we bring you this this very special photo set taken at @makelightstudios
 From wigs designed by @jmillsmakeupandhair to …

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