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Wreck-it-Ralph Breaks the Internet!

🏰 Ralph is breaking the internet & wrecking it too! 💕

 I cannot tell you how much fun I had filming these adorable wreck it ralph inspired videos with Traci Hines, Jbunzie and all our princess friends! It was seriously an enchanting sleepover to remember forever. If you haven’t seen it, there’s some surprises in store! 🍰🍬

Wreck it Ralph video link!

“When Can I See You Again?” Traci Hines ft. Jbunzie (& The Princesses!) 

 Inspired by Disney's Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet! 

 Vanellope: Jbunzie Ariel: Traci Hines (me) Tiana: Ranitra Coleman Aurora: Bethanie Garcia Cinderella: Amy Treadwell Toy Jasmine: Nicolette Melody Rapunzel: Sarah Ingle Elsa: Tina LaMar Anna: Shel Sligar http://in…

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